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Free Technical Support Offer Extended **

Now is the perfect time to implement measures that will help you streamline and organize your practice in 2002 and beyond. It's time to empower your existing staff with a fully integrated, firm-wide, office and project management solution that enables each employee to be more productive. It's time to provide principals and project managers with valuable data that will allow them to make fully informed decisions. Now is the perfect time to purchase ArchAdministrator.

PS Software Solutions has announced it is extending its recent sales campaign and is currently offering free phone-in and e-mail technical support to purchasers of ArchAdministrator for up to one full year! This offer represents a savings of as much as $2,000! But hurry, this special offer expires on Jan. 31, 2002. Take advantage of this limited time offer and find out why more of our sales are generated by client referrals than by any other single form of marketing.

**PS Software Solutions will provide technical support for inquiries received via e-mail or telephone that arise as a direct result of installing and/or using ArchAdministrator and/or Lotus Approach software. PS Software Solutions will not charge for such technical support for a period of up to one year from date of purchase or for a total of 20 support staff man-hours logged, whichever comes first. PS Software Solutions will not be responsible for telephone, Internet connection, etc. fees incurred by the customer that are a result of technical support inquiries via telephone or email.


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