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 Transmittal Logs Module

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The Transmittals module is used by architects and engineers to record and store various items that are transmitted by the firm to clients, consultants, contractors, etc.. Data from this database is integrated into other areas of the program and is used to calculate project printing and reproduction costs, track postal/delivery charges, and more. Drop- down lists provided for various data fields automate the task of entering information about each item transmitted. The reimbursable data is integrated into reports, summaries, tables and the reimbursables worksheet provided in the billing invoice module.

 Sample of Features

The Transmittal module is joined to other areas of the program (i.e. Project Management, Billing Invoices). The data recorded in the "Transmittal Information" view is integrated with these joined databases to allow architects and engineers to do the following:

- simplify the task of recording, tracking & summarizing reimbursable expenses
- allow employees to create transmittals without viewing sensitive information
- create printing, photocopying and postal/delivery logs and summaries
- simplify transmittal creation using checkboxes, drop-down lists, etc.
- quickly find, list & print transmittals matching user defined search criteria
- view & print reports, summaries, tables & charts that help you analyze data

 Summaries, Reports and Charts

Predesigned reports and charts will help architects and engineers visualize recorded data and allow analysis of printing, photocopying and postal/delivery logs and expenses for specific projects. These reports and charts allow for the creation of the following:

- summary of postal/delivery costs for specified projects
- summary of itemized project reproduction/reimbursable costs
- summary of detailed reproduction costs and transmittal data
- list of transmittal data based on user defined search criteria

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