ArchAdministrator has felt like a member of my firm for over 13 years now. ArchAdministrator is a great project management tool.  Created by an architect who has imagineered a software program which can track any size job from proposal, to project documents, to updating the portfolio with shots of the completed masterpiece. ArchAdministrator is an equally great financial management tool for the architect's office. Day to day it can coordinate time sheets, reimbursables, consultant fees, etc. into a streamlined invoicing system. Then at year's end it can generate necessary breakdown reports for the accountants. I would recommend ArchAdministrator as a perfect fit for any architectural office.

Cate Comerford, AIA
Cate Comerford, AIA, LLC



ArchAdministrator came at a perfect time for us; we are an expanding architectural firm, with an ever increasing need to tie all the “loose ends” together.  ArchAdministrator provided us with the perfect solution in that it possesses the ability to link every aspect of our architectural practice together.  It’s like a self contained “intranet” for the architect’s office.

From proposals to time sheets, project management, billing, accounting, employee info, clients and contact lists, you name it, it’s in there.  You would spend more dollars on individual software programs and wind up with far less functionality.

I am thankful that someone who really understands the architectural practice took the time to write the program.  And, the backbone of the program is based on Approach by Lotus, a subsidiary of IBM.  The program features, on-line help and live customer support, couldn’t be better.  Hats off to Architect Paul Smialowicz.

Thomas Potter, Principal
Potter Architects, LLC



...we conducted a thorough review of several financial management software packages in an effort to replace our own custom database driven system. We were looking for a system that would provide a link between project management and financial tracking. We also needed a system that would be used firm-wide and not just by the front office. We reviewed many packages including programs that were well established in the architectural market. We found ArchAdministrator to be the most flexible, easy to use and comprehensive program at the time. What we found most intriguing was the developer's ability to listen to our needs and actually make some of our needs part of the program. ArchAdministrator has become, in our estimation, an invaluable addition to our ability to tie our daily work activities into the firm's financial management.

We have found the customer support provided by PS Software Solutions to be far superior to any software package we use, including those provided by major players. We get personalized, issue specific help on issues ranging from "how to" type questions to solving technical issues.

Laurence Johnson, Principal
Johnson Jones Architects, Planners



As a management consultant, with an information technology background, I can attest that the ArchAdministrator System allows the firm to address its business and project related informational needs (recording, processing and reporting) and in a cost effective, efficient, and user-friendly manner. In particular, the ArchAdministrator System's functionality and flexibility enables our firm to: perform "what-if" type analysis based on various profit and cost strategies; create and manage complex projects with "unlimited" consultant and phase requirements; budget, record, and track costs and expenses at the individual/project/firm levels.

A. Eugene Baucum, Jr.,
Management Consultant




Dietz & Associates has found ArchAdministrator to be an invaluable tool.  ArchAdministrator has streamlined and organized our office.  It electronically tracks project fees, field reports, accounts receivable, project expenses, etc. The wonderful support staff helped us make the transition to ArchAdministrator. I highly recommend ArchAdministrator to any architectural firm large or small.

Cynthia Murov
Dietz & Associates



I am pleased to be writing this letter as an endorsement of your software program, ArchAdministrator.  It has saved our firm numerous hours for billing, transmittals and other accounting procedures.  Besides being able to have a complete database in one program for each project, it is a computer friendly application.  Once the information was activated into the program, it required very little time for our staff to learn.

Above all, I personally would like to thank you for your technical help.  When we purchased the program, you instructed to us to call if we had any questions.  Each time I have called, you have been patient, pleasant, cooperative and willing to accept suggestions.  Equally important, you were always there for me.  Furthermore, I would like to thank you for implementing the suggestions into the new upgrade.  I strongly recommend PS Software Solutions Database for all Architects.

Christiana (Firm Administrator)
MJBarone & associates, P.C.



It has been a year since we purchased the software and we are loving it. Just wanted to let you know that I am telling all that I know about the software so hopefully they will be calling you. Thanks again for the great software.

Keith Brower
Omega General Contractors



I have been getting better acquainted with your program. Although I feel I am only scratching the surface, I am finding it very powerful. I can appreciate the time and effort you have put into the program; I have worked with a computer consultant setting up databases in Paradox years ago. I know the work that goes into just setting up a time database where hours are logged to specific projects and project reports can be printed. Your system is much more advanced than what I had developed, but it is very similar to what I had envisioned. Kudos!

I also want to thank you for your support. I appreciated your support ... during our transition into ArchAdministrator for day to day operations. I am eagerly waiting for the new upgrade.

Eric Lamb, Principal
Excel Design Group



ArchAdministrator has given me the ability to be profitable. As an architect, being profitable was never a priority until I had to consistently make payroll.  Now billing my clients takes about 15 minutes a week.  I am able to bill accurately and often, and I get an up-to-date analysis of project expenses, costs and profits!

Just the ability to track reimbursables alone has paid for the program.  Transmittals, travel logs, time sheets and expenses are all automatically tracked and summarized for each project. When its time to bill, all I do is click!  I like to think that I am a creative architect, but ArchAdministrator has really given me the ability to be the businessman I need to be in order to stay in business.

Rudy Fabiano, RA, AIA
Fabiano Designs International, Inc.



Back in January 1998, we began utilizing ArchAdministrator.  We were looking for a better way to organize our billing, time and accounting, so we could better serve our clients.  Not only did this program have all that and more, but the Technical Support was extremely helpful.  This program is the definition of user friendly.

Josette Beady
Lauro Associates Architects, P.C.




Thank you for your immediate technical assistance with the problem I created. Your ability to restore the data and navigate through the "behind the scenes" structure of the program saved me an immense amount of time in not having to re-input the data. Additionally, I would like to commend you on the design of the program. As time passes, we implement more and more of the program into our daily routine, and we realize how well it organizes our office and our projects. The depth of the software is significant, and we are grateful for the many ways that we can retrieve, gather, report and analyze data. I wish you continued success in the development and implementation of ArchAdministrator.

Brian Korte, NCARB AIA
Korte Architecture, Inc.



ArchAdministrator was written by an architect for architects and I highly recommend it for all architectural firms. It is an easy to learn and user friendly program for tracking client hours, billing, accounts receivable, client contacts, correspondence and employee hours for payroll tracking.

For the past eight years, Paul Smialowicz has provided the utmost of support and technical advice in a prompt, kind and gracious manner.  No question large or small cannot be answered.  Paul will even rewrite the software if needed to satisfy his customers' needs.

ArchAdministrator is a premium architectural software package that provides customer support unsurpassed by many.

Thank you Paul for your unending support!!!

Robert A. Escher, AIA
Escher Design Inc.



I really can’t say enough good things about Arch Administrator; It enabled me to start, run, and keep track of my own architecture office from the beginning, and it continues to serve me well today.  Also, I like owning my means of production / management; I guess I’m “old school” – despite some advantages     (and trendiness) of cloud-based subscriptions, I’m not keen on the cost and lack of control.  But enough gushing enthusiasm – check it out.

I’m not a software reviewer or marketer, I’m an architect – firm size fluctuating from 1-7 people over the past 20+ years... and I’m just REALLY grateful when computer tech actually works for me, instead of the other way around.

Mark Connors
Architectural InSite, Inc.


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