Membership Drive Offers Savings On ArchAdministrator

Thankfully, our economy has been soaring with unprecedented expansion. Architectural firms of all sizes are experiencing increased revenues and larger profits.

There is, however, a downside to all of this good fortune. Successful firms are struggling to manage people, projects, and the wide variety of information generated by their booming architectural practice. Many firms attempt to solve this problem by increasing staff. However, we all know how difficult it is to recruit qualified individuals when available positions significantly outnumber possible candidates.

With the new year rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to implement measures that will help you streamline and organize your practice for 2001 and beyond. Now is the perfect time to empower your existing staff with a fully integrated, firm-wide, office and project management solution that enables each employee to be more productive. Now is the perfect time to provide principals and project managers with valuable data that will allow them to make fully informed decisions. Now is the perfect time to purchase ArchAdministrator.

PS Software Solutions is currently offering a 10% discount that can be applied to the purchase price of ArchAdministrator (System 10 through System Gold). This discount represents a savings of $200 to $2,000 off the regular purchase price! But hurry, this special discount offer expires on 12/31/00. Take advantage of this limited time offer and find out why architects are praising ArchAdministrator.


Since its introduction, ArchAdministrator has captured -- and held onto -- a market niche that has continued to grow. Our formula for success is simple: ArchAdministrator offers a fully integrated approach to office and project management with a strong emphasis on time saving features that help design professionals record, organize and analyze the wide variety of data generated by their practice. These outstanding features are only a few of the many reasons why ArchAdministrator's popularity continues to grow.

With more than seventy-seven free version upgrades since its introduction in 1997, ArchAdministrator continues to establish itself as the standard against which all office and project management software will be measured and offers design professionals the most comprehensive database solution on the market. ArchAdministrator has garnered praise from the architectural community and maintains a competitive lead in its technical innovation, seamless integration, and user-friendly design.

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