ArchAdministrator is Now Available to Firms Located Outside New Jersey.

BLOOMFIELD, NJ, May 27, 1999 -- PS Software Solutions announced today that it is extending availability of ArchAdministrator to architectural firms located throughout the United States. ArchAdministrator Release 2.0, the latest version of the world's first fully integrated office and project management database designed specifically for the architectural community, will no longer be offered exclusively in New Jersey. ArchAdministrator Release 2.0 offers fully integrated functionality for managing office and project information with robust data management and reporting features.

With more than sixty version upgrades since its introduction in 1997, ArchAdministrator continues to establish itself as the benchmark against which all office and project management software will be measured. The program offers design professionals the most comprehensive solution on the market. ArchAdministrator has garnered praise from the architectural community for its ease of use and its productivity enhancement capabilities. The program maintains a competitive lead in its technical innovation, seamless integration, and user-friendly design.

"Since its introduction, ArchAdministrator has captured -- and held onto -- a market niche that has continued to grow," said Paul Smialowicz AIA, President of PS Software Solutions. "Our formula for success is simple: ArchAdministrator offers a fully integrated approach to office and project management with a strong emphasis on time saving features that help design professionals record, organize and analyze the wide variety of data generated by their practice. These outstanding features are only a few of the many reasons why ArchAdministrator's popularity continues to grow."

For more information on ArchAdministrator or PS Software Solutions call 1-888-748-7166 in the United States and 973-748-1818 outside the US.

Availability, Pricing, and Technical Requirements

ArchAdministrator Release 2.0 requires a Pentium 120 or higher IBM PC or compatible processor, with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0 and a minimum of 16MB RAM (32MB for Windows 98 and NT 4.0) and 70MB of disk space to install minimum features. Additional space is required for the installation of optional features. ArchAdministrator Release 2.0 also requires Lotus Approach 97.

Founded in 1995, PS Software Solutions offers high quality software products and services that reflect the company's unique understanding of the architectural and engineering communities. PS Software Solutions' innovative approach is evident in a new class of office and project management applications that integrate data generated by design professionals in ways never before seen. PS Software Solutions markets its products throughout the United States and provides professional consulting, support, and education services.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: A copy of this release and other company information is also available via fax by dialing 1-888-748-7166 within the US and 1-888-748-7166 outside the US

Release 05/27/99