• Completely redesigned/updated user interface including a new look and feel for all modules and all views
  • New quick links have been added to the main menu that allow the user to quickly execute commonly requested procedures
  • Speed enhancements for various views (i.e. Project Management Summaries, Reports and more)
  • Completely redesigned accounting module (new/improved Quickbooks-like ease of use and power)
  • New and improved invoice, time, reimbursable, etc. tracking/issuing
  • Enhanced, more powerful, user-friendly search capabilities (all modules)
  • New and enhanced data reporting (time sheets, project management, project scheduling, task management and more)
  • Ability to enter and track an unlimited number of consultants for each project (previously limited to eight)
  • Ability to enter and track up to seventeen customizable phase names for each project (previously limited to seven)
  • Completely redesigned Project Scheduler module with improved task management and personnel involvement capabilities
  • Scrollable project phase/task timelines displayed simultaneously (user defined found sets of projects)
  • New and improved proposal/contract creation, duplication and simplified default phase schedule creation capabilities
  • Ability to apply tasks, budget hrs, and personnel by name (and now by title) to default & actual phase schedules (now from Proposal/Contract module also)
  • Instantly generate project estimates based on applied tasks, employee involvement, budgeted hours (now from within Proposal/Contract module also)
  • Calculate project estimates, time sheet reports, and budget personnel/task hours, etc. based on 1 of 7 methods of analysis (i.e. Actual Wage, DPE, etc.)
  • and much, more

Version 3.0 - Released 5/19/2006

Version 3.0