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Web site visitors now have the ability to schedule a free one-on-one webcast presentation.

Learn more about ArchAdministrator and watch as a friendly and knowledgeable software representative walks (and talks) you through a live and informative on-line presentation. 

See how ArchAdministrator responds to your specific needs and receive detailed answers to your questions instantly. 

A telephone and internet connection are the only requirements. To schedule a free webcast presentation please select Schedule A Live Webcast Presentation.


Additional Information
Since its introduction, ArchAdministrator has captured -- and held onto -- a market niche that has continued to grow. Our formula for success is simple: ArchAdministrator offers a fully integrated approach to office and project management with a strong emphasis on time saving features that help design professionals record, organize and analyze the wide variety of data generated by their practice. These outstanding features are only a few of the many reasons why ArchAdministrator's popularity continues to grow.

With more than eighty free version upgrades since its introduction in 1997, ArchAdministrator continues to establish itself as the standard against which all office and project management software will be measured and offers design professionals the most comprehensive database solution on the market. ArchAdministrator has garnered praise from the architectural community and maintains a competitive lead in its technical innovation, seamless integration, and user-friendly design.

For more information on PS Software Solutions or its product line, visit the PS Software Solutions web site at or call 1-888-748-7166 in the United States and 1-888-748-7166 in Canada.

Event 07/01/04