Q1  Can ArchAdministrator be shared over a network?
Client/Server database technology allows ArchAdministrator to be run on one computer or a network of many computers.  ArchAdministrator can also be accessed via PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Smart Phone, etc. via the Cloud.

Q2  What is the price for ArchAdministrator and ArchAdminCloud?
Pricing for ArchAdministrator is based on the size of the firm (number of employees).  Click Here to contact a sales representative to discuss single user and volume/system pricing for ArchAdministrator and ArchAdminCloud.

Q3  Does ArchAdministrator integrate with Intuit QuickBooks?
QuickBooks Integration was added to ArchAdministrator back in 2003. This integration allows users of ArchAdministrator's accounting module to export thousands of transaction records into an Intuit Import File (IIF) using just a few mouse clicks. Accounting records can be easily imported into any new or existing QuickBooks company file.  Click Here to find out more about the QuickBooks integration feature.

Q4  Is ArchAdministrator a replacement for Deltek Sema4, Wind2, FMS, Advantage, etc?
ArchAdministrator is an economical alternative to Deltek Vision. PS Software Solutions has helped firms using Deltek Sema4, Wind2, FMS, Advantage and other office and project management systems convert to ArchAdministrator. Contact Us to obtain a reference list of current users that have made the switch to ArchAdministrator.

Q5  Can data recorded in ArchAdministrator be exported to other programs?
ArchAdministrator stores the data recorded into "dBase IV" type database files that are ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) compliant. This ODBC open standard allows export of data to many popular programs. Additionally, ArchAdministrator allows the user to export data into Quickbooks, Excel, Access, Outlook, FileMaker Pro, and many other software programs.

Q6  Can data recorded in other programs be imported into ArchAdministrator?
ArchAdministrator stores data into "dBase IV" type database files that are ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) compliant.
PS Software Solutions also offers a variety of cost effective data migration options for a wide variety of existing software programs. Our goal is to simplify and expedite a seamless transition to ArchAdministrator whether your currently using an integrated system like Deltek Sema4, Deltek Wind2, Deltek FMS, Advantage, etc.; or a series smaller standalone programs like Microsoft Excel, Access, Outlook, Word, Intuit Quickbooks, FileMaker Pro, Act!, GoldMine, etc.

Q7  Can I run ArchAdministrator on my own in-house server and/or via the Cloud?
Archadministrator can be installed and run from your own in-house Windows based server.  Or, allow PS Software Solutions to securely server up ArchAdministrator on the Cloud by employing the recently introduced ArchAdminCloud.

Q8  Can Engineering firms benefit from ArchAdministrator's powerful features?
Yes. ArchAdministrator's powerful features and user defined flexibility allow engineering firms, contractors, interior design firms, etc. to obtain all the benefits provided to architectural firms.  In fact, approximately 60% of sales over the last few years has been to engineers.

Q9  How does PS Software Solutions determine price of ArchAdministrator?
PS Software Solutions has based the price of ArchAdministrator and ArchAdminCloud on the size of your firm.  The firm’s size is defined as the number of individuals employed by the firm and entered into the software’s databases.  ArchAdministrator's single and multi-license Systems provide all the same database modules and powerful features. The only difference between each system is the number of employees that can be recorded and tracked throughout the program.

Q10  Does billing module allow for percent of completion, hourly, etc. billing?
Yes, the program provides the user with all expenses associated with the project and the user decides the form of compensation and how much to bill for.

Q11  Can hourly rates stipulated in contract differ from actual employee salaries?
Yes, ArchAdministrator tracks employee time sheet (direct personnel expenses) data in three separate ways: 1. "Actual Hourly Wage" paid to the employee. 2. User defined "Hourly Cost" that includes provisions for office overhead, benefits, vacations, etc 3."Contract Wages" - hourly rates stipulated in the Proposal/Contract for each employee title.

Q12  Can hourly rates & overhead/profit multipliers be unique for each project?
Yes, each project can have a unique set of Contract Wage amounts stipulated for each employee title (i.e. Principal, Associate, Project Manager, etc.). Users can also set projected Overhead and Profit multipliers for each project.

Q13  Can I access ArchAdministrator from my Mac, iPad, Smart Phone, etc.?
Yes, you can run ArchAdministrator via you Mac, PC, iPad, Smart Phone, etc.from you own server or the Cloud. Check out ArchAdminCloud to learn more about a hosted solution that allows you to access ArchAdministrator from a multiple devices and from any where there is internet access

Q14  How often is the ArchAdministrator software updated?
ArchAdministrator is an open-ended work in progress. PS Software Solutions is constantly incorporating new features and functions into the program. Most of the product enhancements are based on suggestions from our clients. There have been over 80 version upgrades to ArchAdministrator over the past 17 years. Each new upgrade is available to licensed users via an ArchLink support session upload.

Q15  What has been the cost for ArchAdministrator version upgrades?
Upgrades are free when you are enrolled in our Annual Support and Maintenance Subscription or are enrolled in an ArchAdminCloud subscription.  Not enrolled in a subscription plan? ArchAdministrator version upgrades are typically half the price of a full version purchase.  It is our intention to provide users with the best possible office and project management software solution while keeping user upgrade expenses to a minimum.

Q16  Can I purchase modules for ArchAdministrator separately?
ArchAdministrator modules are so tightly integrated that we cannot sell them independently. However, your firm can selectively utilize only some modules and disregard (even block access to) others.

Q17  Is it possible to run the program without using the Accounting module?
It is possible to run ArchAdministrator without using the Accounting/Invoicing module. However, you may want to enter project related accounting data into ArchAdministrator, especially if you want to track account transactions like receipts from clients, payments made to consultants, etc.

Q18  Will ArchAdministrator track project document reproduction/plotting costs?
ArchAdministrator will track costs for reimbursable expenses like plots, prints, copies, postage, etc. The user can summarize reimbursables/reproductions and items transmitted (or used in-house) for specific periods, projects, clients, etc. when working in the Transmittal/Repros module.

Q19  Will ArchAdministrator track travel mileage and expense costs?
ArchAdministrator will track costs for travel mileage and expenses. It also tracks employee reimbursement requests for out-of-pocket expenses. The user can summarize all travel mileage and expenses for specific periods, projects, clients, etc. in the Travel Logs module of the program.

Q20  Is ArchAdministrator available outside United States?
PS Software Solutions currently offers its products and free web based demonstrations to firms located in the United States and Canada.

Q21  Can I integrate accounting data from the accounting program I am using?
ArchAdministrator can import/export data with many programs (see Q5 and Q6). However, unlike ArchAdministrator, their are some programs that use a proprietary database format and do not allow for the free exchange of stored data.

Q22  Can contacts in Outlook,ACT!, GoldMine, etc. be imported into ArchAdministrator?
Yes, data from Act!, Gold Mine, Outlook and many other programs can be imported/exported from/to ArchAdministrator.

Q23  Does PS Software Solutions have clients located outside of New Jersey?
Until 1999, ArchAdministrator was offered exclusively to firms located in New Jersey. For years PS Software Solutions had worked closely with these firms to further develop ArchAdministrator's seamless integration, productivity enhancement capabilities and user-friendly design.  Today, our client base continues to grow throughout the United States. ArchAdministrator is currently being used to track hundreds of thousands of projects, contacts, billing invoices, time sheets, transmittals, travel logs, etc. generated by A/E firms located in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, California, Vermont, Nevada, Texas, Florida and much more.

Q24  Is ArchAdministrator easy to learn? What training is required and available?
ArchAdministrator has an integrated on-line help database and a 110 page illustrated manual. These features, coupled with ArchAdministrator's easy-to-use interface, allow most users to begin working with the software with little or no special training or instruction. "Phone-In" and/or our ArchLink remote training, utilizing web-meeting technology, can be scheduled. In-house training can also be arranged.

Q25  PS Software Solutions seems to be a small company. Is this true?
PS Software Solutions is a small software development company. Our size allows us to quickly integrate new ideas, features and requests that are received from our growing client base. PS Software Solutions provides personalized technical support and services. Our clients perform an integral role in the development of our products and services. Every client is empower with the ability to shape the future of our software development initiatives.

Q26  Will ArchAdministrator enhance our efforts to manage risk?
ArchAdministrator, although not specifically designed to address Risk Management issues, does inherently enhance a firms ability to manage risk. For example: The program enables all firm members to record, track, retrieve and summarize; letters, memos, fax cover pages, phone conversations, field reports, etc.. The program creates a firm-wide standardized format for this information and does an excellent job of allowing the user to quickly record and retrieve pertinent project information.

Q27  Will ArchAdministrator track my consultants' fees and billings also?
Yes, the user can breakdown proposed fees for an unlimited number of consultants and by each phase of the project. The user can allocate partial amounts of invoiced fees stipulated in the Billing Invoice module to consultants (to aid in cash flow management). The user can also register/track payments made to consultants for specific projects. A report in the Project Management module summarizes proposed consultant fees, invoiced amounts allocated for consultants, payments made to consultants and outstanding balances that remain for each consultant involved with the project.

Frequently Asked Questions