QuickBooks Accounting Integration Added to ArchAdministrator for Architects

COLTS NECK, NJ, December 8, 2003 -- PS Software Solutions announced today that it has added Intuit QuickBooks accounting integration into its increasingly popular software program, ArchAdministrator. The new QuickBooks integration feature allows users of ArchAdministrator's accounting module to export thousands of transaction records into an Intuit Import File (IIF) using just a few mouse clicks. ArchAdministrator automatically formats the accounting transactions so that they can be easily imported into any new or existing QuickBooks company file.

The powerful new integration feature eliminates the need for double-data-entry for those firms recording accounting transactions in both ArchAdministrator and QuickBooks. It also enables users working solely in ArchAdministrator to provide their firm's accountant with detailed accounting transaction data presented in a format that is universal in the accounting industry.

The ArchAdministrator user has the ability to include/exclude the following types of transactions when generating an Intuit Import File (IIF):

  * Accounts Payable - Checks, Electronic Transfers, Etc. Disbursed by the Firm
  * Accounts Payable - Bills/Expenses Not Yet Paid by the Firm
  * Accounts Receivable - Payments Received From Clients
  * Accounts Receivable - Invoices Issued by the Firm and Sent To Clients
  * Account Adjustments - Balance Adjustments, Interest Income, Service Fees, etc.

The ArchAdministrator user can also specify the following when generating an Intuit Import File (IIF).

  * Name of ArchAdministrator Bank Account to Export From
  * Name of QuickBooks Bank Account to Import To
  * Reporting Period - Start Date and End Date of Period To Include
  * Whether to Subcategorize Accounts Receivable by Project Phase
  * Whether to Subcategorize Reimbursable Receivables by Type (Prints, Travel, etc.)

All associated income/expense accounts, vendor names, customer names, job numbers, post dates, check numbers, etc. recorded in ArchAdministrator (and associated with accounting transactions being exported) are automatically included in the Intuit Import File. QuickBooks will automatically create new accounts, vendors, customers, etc. when imported ArchAdministrator records do not exactly match records existing in the QuickBooks company file. ArchAdministrator will also automatically create the required QuickBooks "Splits" for transactions with multiple expense/receipt account line items.

ArchAdministrator automatically logs the quantity and type of exported transactions and stores the reporting period for each export session. The ArchAdministrator also generates a "QuickBooks Export History" report that delineates the details of each export session and sorts the report by export file dates.

With more than eighty-five free version upgrades since its introduction in 1997, ArchAdministrator continues to establish itself as the standard against which all office and project management software will be measured and offers design professionals the most comprehensive database solution on the market. ArchAdministrator has garnered praise from the architectural community and maintains a competitive lead in its technical innovation, seamless integration, and user-friendly design.

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Availability, Pricing, and Technical Requirements

ArchAdministrator Release 2.0 requires a Pentium 120 or higher IBM PC or compatible processor, with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, or XP and a minimum of 16MB RAM (32MB for Windows 98 and NT 4.0) and 70MB of disk space to install minimum features. Additional space is required for the installation of optional features.

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Release 12/08/03